Fabarm FP6 Shotgun

The Fabarm FP6 is a pump-action shotgun designed for various applications, including law enforcement and civilian use. It is known for its reliable operation and customizable features, making it suitable for different shooting needs.

Technical Details


The Fabarm FP6 shotgun offers various features, including interchangeable choke tubes, adjustable stocks, and accessory rails. These features enhance versatility and allow users to customize the shotgun to their preferences.

Historical Significance

The FP6 shotgun was developed by the Italian company Fabarm as a reliable and affordable option for shotgun enthusiasts and professionals. While it may not have gained as much recognition as some other shotgun models, it remains a viable choice for those seeking a pump-action shotgun.


The Fabarm FP6 shotgun is a pump-action firearm designed for a range of uses, from sport shooting to home defense. Its customizable features and reliable operation make it a practical option for those seeking a versatile and affordable shotgun.