Heckler & Koch HK21E

The Heckler & Koch HK21E is a belt-fed general-purpose machine gun known for its reliability and robust design. It is chambered in various calibers and is used for providing sustained firepower in support and defensive roles.

Technical Details


The HK21E is known for its durability and adaptability. It can be configured with different barrel lengths and accessories, allowing it to fulfill various roles. Its robust design and ease of maintenance make it suitable for prolonged use.

Historical Significance

The HK21E is a descendant of the MG42 machine gun and was developed as a modern general-purpose machine gun. It has been utilized by various armed forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide for its ability to provide sustained and accurate firepower.


The Heckler & Koch HK21E is a reliable and versatile general-purpose machine gun designed to deliver sustained firepower. Its adaptability and durability have contributed to its continued use by military and security forces across the globe.