Heckler & Koch P7 Pistol

The Heckler & Koch P7, also known as the PSP (Police Self-loading Pistol) in Germany, is a distinctive semi-automatic pistol created by the esteemed German firearms manufacturer, Heckler & Koch (H&K). Renowned for its innovative design and unique features, the P7 represents a departure from traditional handgun construction.

Technical Details:

Historical Context:

The Heckler & Koch P7 was introduced in the late 1970s, showcasing an innovative approach to handgun design. Its gas-delayed blowback operation and unique squeeze-cocking grip make it distinct from traditional semi-automatic pistols. The P7's introduction marked a departure from conventional handgun construction and demonstrated Heckler & Koch's commitment to engineering excellence.


The Heckler & Koch P7 stands as an icon of innovation in handgun design. Crafted by Heckler & Koch, it features a 9mm caliber, gas-delayed blowback action, and a steel frame. The unique squeeze-cocking grip design sets it apart from traditional pistols, showcasing its forward-thinking approach. The P7's introduction in the late 1970s highlights Heckler & Koch's dedication to pushing the boundaries of firearm engineering and design.


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